Vital Systems Inc.

Advance Science, Improve Life

“Vital Systems is committed to extending and improving life by accelerating clinical research services for emerging health, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device technologies.”

Vital Systems drives successful projects through great attention to detail, strategical risk management and agile adaptation to adjustments, which net operational savings. Our professional communication style, ability to meet timelines and unique secure web portal design earned us an excellent reputation, with many repeat clients. Customized secure web portals facilitate expeditious data review, large report review across geographic and time zone disparity allowing Vital Systems global adaptability. Vital Systems offers a complete suite of functionality including EDC, randomization and online study management tools though our charter collaboration with IBM Watson Life Science products.

Confidently entrust Vital Systems with your projects, our team combines decades of CRO experience and applied technology to reduce frustrations and meet your to-market goals. 


1530 P B Lane # S4159
Wichita Falls, TX


Phone: (847) 458-2900 
Fax:  (847) 241-0116

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