Vital Information Portal (VIP)

Vital Systems utilizes its own web-based information management system (Vital Information Portal) for worldwide communication with clients and team members. The VIP provides a complete suite of enterprise-class organizational and group communication tools, which allow authorized personnel access to protected clinical documents, data and project information.

This technology can facilitate information exchange and increase collaboration using shared calendars, contact management, files storage/sharing and action item lists. The VIP feature provides 24/7 access to study information.

The VIP is customized for each client, and the Files area provides for file upload and downloads into folders secured by limited access through tiered-authenticated user groups. For example, secured PDF files of documents, study protocols, CRF scans, even SAS databases and study reports, can be posted for collaboration by authorized user-group members and retained online for historical archiving. The VIP is a vital solution to the pressing needs of information management in clinical research, and is included in all of our service offerings.

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